Friday, October 30, 2015

Turned to dresses

I have a lot of girlfriends who have influenced me one time or another to be a “shopper” and buy clothes or accessories that I just didn’t need or was looking for.  These girlfriends’ influences have been one day only…like the 1 day shopping excursion.  But of one my co-workers / girlfriends has been “working me” over the past few years on how to dress, what accessories to have, where to spend my money, and why I should do this.  She is mostly referring to my work wear.  She says I dress fine but I could dress better.  She says I’m pretty and not “fat” but I don’t really “leverage” my assets.  She has turned me on to dresses because dresses have room for people to fluctuate weight.  If you eat a big meal, you won't feel like you need to loosen your pants.  Or if you gain a little weight, your muffin top doesn't show.  On top of that, they're "cheaper".  You can $50 for a dress.  Or $40 for pants + $30 for a blouse.  

I never wore dresses to work before but I definitely am now.  I probably wear them 2-3 times per week now.  I have a handful of black, gray, and solid colored dresses that I like to rotate through.  I think my dresses for the office is mostly complete.  I could probably use a handful of wrap dresses.  I love wrap dresses because they really flatter anyone's figure.  I don't currently have any though.  The ones I did have were cheap and from H&M, which I have learned is a great store for cheap clothes that you can wear for about 1 year.  So a good quality wrap dress could be a "gift" to myself when I hit a goal/milestone.

What other rewards could I give myself when I hit my weight goal?

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