Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thrift store Thursday's

Well I haven't been out and about this week so I thought I would bring one of my treasures out of the archives. This was a haul I got form our local thrift store for $5. I actually looked at these toys recently and was astonished and the price for them new. And the Baby Einstein video's, can you ever have too many? Seriously if it wasn't for these sometimes irritating movies I would not have showered for the first year of my son's life. He would happily watch them in the playpen while I got my hair washed AND conditioned.

So show me what you got.



MyKidsMom said...

Would you believe our Goodwill stores here charge $3-$5 for ONE "used" video? I'm not sure where they got the idea to price them that high. They just stack up there.

Great buys!

Micah and Katie said...

hey....well this week at Mothers Club I scored BIG...with a 4 cup glass measuring cup. Say GOODBYE to the cheap dollar store one. Also I picked up some 3 pairs of shoes/boats for Eben and 2 sweet cheats diaper covers!!!!! What a great day that was, and it was all for free!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

We love Veggie Tales here! We've outgrown the Einstein videos but for the first few months we watched the sample video that I got in the hospital diaper bag and another that I splurged for. Just long enough for me to shower or do some other chore.

Donna said...

I love Larry-boy and my kids love Buzz and Woody.........and their grandparents paid a small fortune a few years ago for some of those toys!

Great findS!

Sorry I didn't post on my blog/linky.... but I had to check in with ya!