Friday, February 22, 2008

Monkey see Monkey do

My little guy's third birthday is fast approaching and I am frantically working on the last minute details. I decided on a cowboy theme since we live on a farm and his pony's name is Cowboy. This brought back memories of his second birthday party and thought I would share.

Last year Curious George was the IT thing so the hunt for anything primate realted began. For some reason these events always start out innocently enough and somehow morph into an extravaganza, luckily I started early and many of the items were picked up for a good deal.

The treat bags were simple brown paper lunch bags that I stamped with a monkey stamp. Inside I threw in a hallow chocolate monkey found in the Easter supplies, some Curious George stickers bought for next to nothing on E-Bay, glow sticks, marshmallow bananas and various other cavity causing goodies. For decorations I unclipped a few dollar store grass hula skirts and tapped them on the sides of the dining room table as well as other surfaces of the room. I proceeded to hang already owned stuffed monkeys and those plastic monkey in barrel ones everywhere....I am still finding those darn monkeys nearly a year later.

This is where I knew I completely lost it. For months prior I started cutting out leaf and coconut shapes from sheets of fun foam. After different colors of green streamers were braided and hung I attached these in varying places to mimic vines some of which were hung to the floor for the full effect. What is a jungle without an over sized palm tree? Not much I thought so I drew and cut one out using a roll of butcher paper of which extra was laid across the table for coloring to keep the kids entertained.

For the grub we served popcorn chicken and various finger foods but the Piece De Resistance was decorating your own banana splits. For this various ingredients and types of toppings were set out in small bowls to create their own sundaes....seemed like such a good idea at the time. Finally the cake was done for a reasonable price by a local baker as my cake decorating skills are, well... non existent.

All in all this party was fairly easy to put together, inexpensive to execute and by the state of my house after I am fairly confident in saying it was a hit.


Amy said...

Very Cute party idea!

Mrs. Taft said...

Great idea! I like your attention to detail :D

Kim said...

Very creative :)

Sindi said...

That was soooooooooo cute. You are so creative. :)

Katie Gregg said...


mykidsmom said...

Sounds so fun!

We did a pirate birthday for my son 3 years ago (minus the expensive party store decorations) and I still love looking at the pictures. Your theme really is cute!